May. 9th, 2006

Our trip

May. 9th, 2006 08:59 am
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Our trip last weekend was great! I wish he had brought our camera but dlowewin had hers. Blind, Aurora77, and I drove down sat. morning to our Friends James and Carrie new home just outside Portland. It was the nicest house on the block. A very old but nicely kept up home. We went out for lunch at a Mexican place and James took care of the bill. Considering he was feeding us dinner as well that was generous.

Next we all jumped on the MAX and headed down to Powels books. This is a great store! If you ever make it to Portland make sure to take a trip to Powels if you read anything on dead tree. We met Sara S. there and killed some more time before dlowewin and jesselowe arrived. The neat thing was they were in town from FL and we were able to arrange meeting them. It had been too long since I had seen them.

At any rate we all hung out at Powels for a good stretch of time. I bought nothing but Aurora77 made up for me. :) Next are nice group of James, Carrie, Sara S., Aurora77, myself, dlowenwin, and jesselowe caught another MAX back to James and Carrie's home. James cooked us up a great feast on the grill and we had ourselves a grand old time. I tried to call notnothedgehog but had no luck. We talked about many thing and caught up. It was a really good time.

After we got finished eating. (We took our time) Blind, Aurora77, and myself headed home. We got back near 1am, but the driving did not bother me for a change. We will have to do something like this again soon.


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