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I am going to break my silence to report we now have our wedding rings. Even though Aurora and i have been working on setting up our wedding for months, nearly half a year, it is still all the more real when i hold these rings in my hands. Never has such a small amount of metal weighed so much. But for me it is a good weight. :) I am ready to be married. I know it. Soon it will be true. That is all I have to report for the moment. There are other things going on but none of them seem as important as these rings.
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Well I played over 10 games of magic today. I have a new deck that is EVIL. I love it.

I went to my first Lindy-hop dance lesson tonight. I enjoyed it immensely and I am looking forward to next week. Even if they did spend over half of the first lesson on the Charleston. (That seemed to bother Aurora more then me)

Other then that, i did not play any WoW today. not a bit of it. Though i still managed to stay up to late. Oh, well one thing at a time.
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A happy New Year to everyone! And good luck with your various pursuits. I have every hope that 2005 will be one of the best years of me in my whole life. My impending marriage should be a good start. A special prayer goes out to those suffering from the after effects of the tsunami and a special thanks to all you, my friends who enriched my 2004. See you on the flip side!
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Well, I off to visit a sick relative in Canada. I have not been up that way since before 9-11, been busy with this that and the other, but I must make this trip now. If you all have been wondering where I disappeared to well blame it all on “world of warcraft”. That game is so good it is very bad for me. I end up playing twice as long as I intend. Well more news when I return.
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It was the slave drive. Not the master drive at all. I noticed yesterday that the problems seemed to have mostly stopped and I could load up the computer every time without major incident. I thought that odd until I noticed that the three partitions on my slave drive were being conveniently ignored by the OS. D'oh, good thing I backed everything up as I held most of my data on them. The master holds the OS's, games, and most programs. The Slave had my collections of files. Well that was fun. Better to be down a HD then the whole computer. Now I just need to double check I did not lose anything.
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This machine is trying to die. For every time it boots up it fails 10 times. I think it is the master HD but it might be the IDE controller chip. Either way updates might be sporadic as a result. Heck, they are anyway! I hope to get my hands on a HD to try to sub-in to see what happens.

Anyway for now I have become obsessed with watching an episode or so of the show “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” from the early 1990's. Info on the show-

Here is a list of the original air times for the episodes in the US. In case you are wondering. And the consensus online seems to be that the first season was the best. The 2nd was ok, but by the 3rd the network suits had managed to ruin the show. The show was good from what I remember. Ran in the early 90's. The first few seasons had an 80s feeling to them. I don't remember watching the third season at all. Maybe because it did suck. Anyway- link:

Some pics-

I need to see these again (or at least something form the first season)... I shall make it my new mission. (One of many)
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I have often said before that I am the missing link between Geeks and everyone else. ;) Welll off to a meeting. I will update more later today as promised yesterday.
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Well I got my Bar card. So help you world. ;) j/k. More job apps. Nothing yet. I will let you guys know if I get an interview. I am keeping plenty busy. More to be posted later. (Man it had been awhile)
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The Second Doctor
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That is about right. Though I normaly don't do the pranks... only think them up. I have not seen Doctor Who in a long while....
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Well friends. I got the official letter today. I have been invited to the swearing in ceremony for the WA State bar this November. The short version- I am getting my license to practice the law! After making it though law school and a year and a half of testing and such I have made it. Thank God! No more bar exams! No more law school! Time for a real job!

It seems apt that 2005 will signal the beginning of both my new professional life and the next stage of my personal life as a married man. I am looking forward to it. The last few years have held their own challenges but also their rewards. The same will remain true for the next few years. Though the challenges and rewards will be different I will face them the same way I did before- with perseverance. Thanks to all who helped me along the way. I could not have done it without you.


Oct. 8th, 2004 05:07 pm
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Hehe, I am headed over to Aurora's to watch the new Star Wars DVD's. We are going to play starwars monopoly at the same time. The geeky maddness! I am loving it! Have a good weekend all! ;)

trip to OR

Sep. 19th, 2004 10:35 pm
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Well Aurora and I went down to OR for a wedding of one of my college buddies. (James) It was great fun! We got good food for two days. I got to hang out with some of my old college friends as we took a look around our old college Linfield. (Dave and Brian) It was odd being alumni wandering around talking about the good old days. Aurora was nice enough to put up with us as we carried on. I visited my brother. Got to have breakfast with another old friend and SO. (Jesse and Dawn) Saw the chinese garden in Portland and Powels is always good fun! Got BOOKS! Yay! And had an all around good time. And when we got back the cat had done little damage. A great trip. Worth a mention here for sure.


Aug. 17th, 2004 10:14 pm
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I love Aurora because she is so lovely and wonderful. I love the way she thinks. I love the way she acts. I love the way she is. She is the right one for me. I am so happy we are making wedding plans. I love her very much. That is all.

testy test

Jul. 28th, 2004 02:27 pm
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Well I am off to the hotel by the testing site. I shall return after taking the WSBA's ethics test in the morning. I am ready to go and the test by it's self is not bad at all. As long as I keep my wits about me I should pass with flying colors. It is hard not to be nervous for all that due to the stakes involved, but I will over come the stress. Wish me luck!


Jul. 12th, 2004 03:04 pm
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Well I am finally writing something. In between studying for my ethics exam at the end of the month I am writing a short Novel. I had the idea for this book back in 1999 but put it on hold for my fantasy epic that never really got off the ground. It feels so good to actually put pen to page as it were. I figure if I can finish this book it will be much more likely I can get my fantasy books off the ground. Plus it is fun to write about 1924. ;) A nice change of pace indeed.
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Well it is almost the end of my birthday. Funny, being 27 does not feel at all diffrent from being 26. *shrugs* It does sound alot older then 24 though. ;) I wasted most of today playing super Smash brothers and playing Settlers. Oh well, it was fun. This weekend I get to help Tiffany move into her new place in Seattle. It is a good step. I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July! Till I update again.
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MWHAHA, look out punks! This applies to my childhood after age 11, near the end of the 80's but hey! Close enough. :D
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A more detailed update as promised.

Well, the Saturday before I was to go down and help Aurora move up here to Seattle, WA USA my Master hard drive stopped spinning. Well darn! I knew it was coming as the HD had been dying for awhile so I had most everything backed up on my slave drive. I had counted on getting access to one of Aurora's comps when she was all moved up so it was only somewhat bothersome to lose my Master drive when I did.

A week ago Monday I flew down to Sacramento to help Tiffany move. We spent Monday night organizing things and then chilling out. On Tuesday her parents brought the moving truck over and with the help of a buddy of mine from law school we loaded it up.

Wednesday early we left Sacramento in Tiffany's car with her parents driving in the moving truck. We had a decent time driving, looking at the sites driving over the mountains, listening to music, and reading each other selections from books and the ECONOMIST magazine. That evening we stopped at our hotel in Cottage Grove OR just south of Eugene. Tiffany and I cleaned up and then went to meet Jordanis Jackal at a steak house. We had a good old time talking about boardiedom, Fleetdom, and about creating worlds.

Thursday I did most of the driving as we polished off OR and entered WA. We arrived at my parent’s house where Tiffany will be staying for a short time and unloaded Tiffany's car and arranged for storage of the rest of Tiffany's stuff. Tiffany was wiped out and went to bed early.

On Friday I took Tiffany and her parents around to see some of the sites in Seattle. We had some time before dinner so Tiffany and I hung out in South Center. I picked up Azumanga Daioh DVD #1 before dinner and read "Who moved my cheese" at a bookstore. Then we met my parents and all had dinner together. It went very well. Our parents get along well enough! YAY!!!! I am glad.

On Saturday I helped Tiffany go shoe shopping while our parents had brunch with one another. We met up with them and then I dropped Tiffany's parents off at the airport for their trip home. Tiffany and I watched Azumanga eps and hung out after they left.

On Sunday I pulled my old Apple IIe out and Tiffany and I had fun playing old games on it. Oregon Trail, The black Cauldron, Where in the world is Carmon Santiago, Mickey Mouse's space adventure, load runner. Ahhhh, good stuff!

That brings us up to today. I got some business done (including putting this computer together) and Tiffany made it threw her first day on the job. We went to a Japanese grocery store tonight, a rather large one in Seattle. Good stuff all around!

I'm Back

May. 24th, 2004 03:14 pm
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Well folks. I am back online with one of Aurora's computers! ;) Aurora is all moved up here and she is enjoying her first day on her new job at WHA MU. I will update on the trip north and what we did up till now later tonight. BBL.


May. 15th, 2004 06:52 pm
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Looks like my Hard Drive gave up the ghost. I will be offline for the better part of a week. I will let you all know when I am back online full time. In the mean time I will be helping Aurora move up to WA. See you all as soon as I can.
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