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To all old and new on my list I hope you have a wonderful week and a great start to our upcoming year!

The holidays can be a trying time for people. So much to do and so little time ironically many people lose the very spirit of the Season we are meant to remember. (Charity, Grace, Love) My only request is that the next time some one cuts you off on the road or you have to endure the madness of the mall or in-laws remember the spirit of the season. Do that and this time of year can indeed be happy and joyous.

My Love to you all.
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SEAHAWKS WIN a very exciting game! Best moment stoping a touch down attempt by Romo (cowboy's QB) after he biffed a hold for the 3 point kick that would have given the coyboy's the lead with a min. left. instead the Seahawks ran out the time and won!

Edit- it was bad football by Romo but I will take it!
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Happy New Year one and all! 2007 will be something, you have my word on that.

Game night

Sep. 10th, 2006 11:59 pm
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Started a game night this Sunday evening. We had seven total people show up. Six at any given time, not bad for a first attempt.

My five guests played Pirate's Cove by Days of Wonder games while I cooked pizza and such. Then we all play tested a card game during which Richard (Rigger) had to leave but Amber (Spazzychic) arrived just afterward to take his place. After the play test Brian left and Yoshi read some manga while Chris (Derakon), Amber, Nick, and myself played a hand of Magic the gathering by Wizards of the Coast.

A good time was had by all. I am going to move the game night to Saturday and am debating making it every two weeks.

Our trip

May. 9th, 2006 08:59 am
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Our trip last weekend was great! I wish he had brought our camera but dlowewin had hers. Blind, Aurora77, and I drove down sat. morning to our Friends James and Carrie new home just outside Portland. It was the nicest house on the block. A very old but nicely kept up home. We went out for lunch at a Mexican place and James took care of the bill. Considering he was feeding us dinner as well that was generous.

Next we all jumped on the MAX and headed down to Powels books. This is a great store! If you ever make it to Portland make sure to take a trip to Powels if you read anything on dead tree. We met Sara S. there and killed some more time before dlowewin and jesselowe arrived. The neat thing was they were in town from FL and we were able to arrange meeting them. It had been too long since I had seen them.

At any rate we all hung out at Powels for a good stretch of time. I bought nothing but Aurora77 made up for me. :) Next are nice group of James, Carrie, Sara S., Aurora77, myself, dlowenwin, and jesselowe caught another MAX back to James and Carrie's home. James cooked us up a great feast on the grill and we had ourselves a grand old time. I tried to call notnothedgehog but had no luck. We talked about many thing and caught up. It was a really good time.

After we got finished eating. (We took our time) Blind, Aurora77, and myself headed home. We got back near 1am, but the driving did not bother me for a change. We will have to do something like this again soon.


May. 4th, 2006 10:10 pm
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I am going to OR this Saturday. We are mostly going to hang out around Portland with some of my college friends. It will be great to see them after in some cases over a year. It will be a one day trip but it should be a good one.
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There are no Seachickens in Seattle any more. THE SEAHAWKS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!! Baby! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Look out Steelers! This is one game you will not be able to steal! You will have to earn it if you win!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful day! If that is not possible have a ok day at least!
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I am pleased to report I was able to make it over to the University of Washington bookstore for a signing by George R.R. Martin. The Author of "A song of Ice and Fire". In particular I was able to get all four current books signed! :) Including "A game of Thrones", "A clash of Kings", "A storm of Swords" and "A feast of Crows". Since I went to the trouble of getting all first edition hard backs I was extra pleased. I even managed to get a copy for my brother signed. That is his Christmas present for this year. ;)

Martin did a hour long talk with a question and answer session that was very neat. He had a fun story about how he was out signed by Clifford the big red dog when he went on a signing tour for "A game of Thrones". The questions were on the whole good. Much better then some of the stinkers I have heard at other signings. I think it says something about Martin's readership. :) I love his books and would recommend them all. I do not agree with people who hate the fourth volume.

All in all it was a good night!

The author's site:

Some ok amazon reviews of the first book:
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If you don't live in Washington state the following might not be of intrest. For those who do live here-

I wanted to point you guys to the local bar's reaction to I-330 and I-336. I think there should be some reform including a cap but not the kind called for by the very insurance friendly initiative 330. Requiring that patients sign away their right to a jury trial as a condition of receiving treatment from a healthcare provider is asinine. Not to mention it might get thrown out anyway. Allowing insurance companies to pay judgments for future economic loss in excess of $50,000 over 20 or 30 years is could be very unfair to certain injured people. Any iron clad repayment scheme stinks to me. Frankly I don't think that I-336 does much of anything worth voting yes on. I would vote no on both.

To: Members of the Washington State Bar Association

From: WSBA Board of Governors

Re: Initiative 330 and Initiative 336

Date: September 28, 2005

You have no doubt begun to see or hear the television and radio ads of those supporting I-330 and opposing I-336. Many of those ads attack lawyers and the legal profession. As those attacks become increasingly virulent, we wanted you to hear directly from us about the WSBA Board of Governors' position on the initiatives.

The WSBA Board of Governors OPPOSES I-330 and takes NO POSITION on I-336.

The bulk of I-336 deals with medical malpractice insurance, medical licensure, and doctors' duty of disclosure to patients. While it also includes a provision affecting the duty of plaintiffs filing medical malpractice claims, the Board of Governors determined that I-336 does not have a substantial effect on the practice of law or the administration of justice. The Board of Governors therefore voted to take no position on this initiative.

Unlike I-336, the Board of Governors concluded that this initiative does have a significant impact on the practice of law and the administration of justice, and voted to oppose it.

Our Constitution establishes the fundamental rights of all citizens. Some of those rights are impacted by the sweeping revisions contained in I-330. Some of the impacts are:

* Requiring that patients sign away their right to a jury trial as a condition of receiving treatment from a healthcare provider.
* Imposing a cap of $350,000 on non-economic damages.
* Allowing insurance companies to pay judgments for future economic loss in excess of $50,000 over 20 or 30 years, with the future periodic payments to cease upon the death of the plaintiff.

Initiative 330 affects everyone's constitutional rights for recovery from injury; read what it actually says.

Washington State's Insurance Commissioner is elected to protect the public's interest concerning insurance. In his testimony on one of several pieces of legislation affecting medical malpractice, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler had this to say:

"This kind of public policy should be developed through the 'give and take' of the legislative process - not as one-sided approaches put together behind closed doors by advocates on either extreme."

Commissioner Kreidler repeated that message in his testimony before the WSBA Board of Governors in June. The WSBA Board of Governors agrees and believes that this issue belongs in the Legislature, not at the ballot box. The issue is too complex for the initiative process and the Legislature should develop the policy in this area.

What you can do
As lawyers we can educate our friends, families, neighbors, and community groups about the constitutional issues implicated by I-330. Though the mean-spirited images of lawyers you will see will be infuriating, media experts teach us that denial or defensive responses only inflame the discussion further and are ineffective. The WSBA will concentrate on calling attention to what I-330 actually says and on promoting the good that lawyers do.

Here is additional information you may find useful:

Text of I-330:
Text of I-336:
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We love Katamari. That is all! ;)
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Went to the Penny Arcade Expo today. (PAX 2) The best part was seeing the guys draw Monday’s comic. All I will say is it is Gabe and Jesus having lunch. For the rest tune in on Monday. Then there was having dinner with the turbine developers at Gameworks Seattle. Nice! (Did not get a beta slot though) Hope all is well with you all.
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Hope without guarantees

Despair is for people, who know, beyond any doubt, what the future holds.

No one is in that position.

Hence despair is not merely a sin but also a simple mistake.

In a sense then, there is always room for hope.

-Summarized from Doctor Patrick Curry
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Well I just dropped off Urbs, Anna, and Justbob at the airport. So for me Boardiecon '05 has come to a close. It was sad to see everyone go. Much more on BC later. For now I rest.


May. 10th, 2005 12:37 pm
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Well I am at the crossroads again. The decisions I make in the next month could shape not only my immediate future but also my career. I have started seriously investigating going to work for myself. Not working for someone else but working for myself. There are various pluses and minuses that I would be foolish not to moll over in detail before taking this on. In the mean time I am going to look into seriously getting involved in the community. I will report back later with more.
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Darth Fiddler vs. the Murloc
(and Other Stories from Victoria)

Well here is the story of Aurora's and my trip to Victoria, BC. After the wedding we stayed at the Fairmont Olympic in down town. The only 5 star hotel in Seattle and it showed! If you have money to burn or want a really nice stay it is the place! After a bit of a rest we were off to Canada.

We drove up to Tsawwassen just over the border and caught the ferry to Vancouver Island. We cut it close and were among the last few cars that made it on. If you don't know the ferry service in BC is famous for actually serving good food, unlike the Ferries around Seattle who have given up serving food at all. After the hour and a half ride we made the last 25-minute drive into Victoria. We stayed at The Royal Scot. If you don't mind a bit of old plumbing it is a great place to stay with a pool table, a pool to swim in, and rooms with the ability to store food and cook.

We were on our way to the royal BC Museum when the guards at the Parliament building asked if we wanted a look around. It was great and we got some good pictures. They had a picture gallery of all the leaders of Victoria going back to before WA State existed.
Parliament building pictured here and here

After this we made it over to the Museum. It had this great exhibit on Tibet. As I know next to nothing about Tibet it was fascinating. Too bad no pictures were allowed, as there was some great stuff. If you want to know more about the exhibit just ask. The Royal BC museum is effective because it immerses you in its exhibits. I liked "old town" which was a mock up of a town around 1899 that you could explore. For a layout of the museum check this out:

Here are a few pictures of odds and ends at the museum John Lennon’s car and a poster of Mr. H.

The next day we went to the world famous Butchart Gardens. Two different areas pictured here and here. The garden was started over a hundred years ago at the site of an abandoned limestone quarry. Indeed one of the more striking gardens is the "sunken garden" which was created out of the quarry its self. In addition there was a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and an Italian garden. If you get a chance you really should check this place out. After the Butchart Gardens we headed over to the Butterfly Garden and I found a friend who liked my blue shirt so much he tried to escape with me out the door.

Some other high lights from the trip were the Craigdarroch Castle, the maritime museum, Chinatown, and tea at the empress. The castle was built for a coal baron named Robert Dunsmuir and completed in 1890. What stands out the most for me is the intricate woodwork. You just don’t see this kind of thing anymore. For more information you can check out

The maritime museum of British Columbia had many models of various ships. It had old charts, cannons, and other bits from ships as well as a restored maritime courtroom. For more look here:

The Chinatown of Victoria had the customary gate. We found some odd shops in Chinatown including a record store where Aurora found some 10-inch LPs.

High Tea at The Empress was wonderful! (The Empress on a cloudy day.) The Empress is a famous hotel on the water in Victoria. It serves English high tea over the space of an hour. This tea is more of a meal with the small cakes, sandwiches and other goodies. Speaking of food, out of all the good food we had on the trip. Greek, Japanese, Italian, English (fish and chips), it was the Spanish that was the best. The Tapa Bar gets a special mention for food so good I almost could not get up from my chair.

Part way through our trip we saw a totem poll that had what looked to be a Murloc, of WoW fame, anchoring the poll to the ground.
Now if you think we found that a bit odd, imagine when we ran across Darth Fiddler. Near the end of our trip we were just crossing the street when diagonally behind us we hear a Darth Vader-esque breath then a few notes from a fiddle then another breath. We turned around just in time for Darth Fiddler to start playing a song. After a great deal of laughter I snapped this priceless shot. It still makes me laugh. Hehehe.

Our honeymoon had many cool things to see and many good things to eat but most important is that we got to spend quality time with each other. We are married and loving it. Thanks for reading!

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The wedding was great, now I am married. I will report in properly after my honeymoon. In the mean time I am sure certain attendees will give further info. Oh, and I love Aurora so much it hurts, but in a good way. ;)
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Well my bachelor party went really well. We did paintball during the day. I have never done paintball so it was new to me and fun. The evening was a bunch of eatting and drinking for the most part but that was fine with me. Benny Honas (sp) food is so very good! It is odd to think I will be married in less then three weeks. Heck 19 days. Anyway I have to run. Plenty to get done between then and now.
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With a little help (in some cases quite a bit of help) from my friends Aurora is all moved into her new place. It was a long three days making this happen. As things were coming from three different locations and new items were added. Kitten was upset by the move. But I would almost say she was more disturbed before hand when we were moving a few things out of the old place.

Still running a game on Sunday nights and watching Bab-5 every Sunday with Spazzychic and Aquatwo. Today we got to into the 3rd season. I love that intro, my favorite of all the seasons. I had a good game session tonight as well. i guess being tired helped knock some of the rust off my GM'ing. More later....
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Well I am sad to report I am sick. I spent all day yesterday getting exactly nothing done. I could not even play games. That is how I knew I was sick. I am doing better today but I am still too sick to go dancing tonight unless I start feeling better fast. I hope I recover quickly. I am supposed to help two of my friends’ move this weekend, one on Sat and another on Sun. When it rains it pours.
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